Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions outline the agreement between us when you book onto one of our boat cruises. Please read them carefully and pass them on to all individuals you have booked this tour for.

Our Cancellation Policy

a) when booking our cruise, customers pay a $250 or $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve the time and date of their cruise.  This non-refundable deposit covers the costs of the business generating and taking the booking and subsequent cancellation.  This non-refundable deposit is NOT refunded should the customer subsequently choose to cancel their booking, for any reason whatsoever, regardless of when this cancellation occurs.

b) bookings cancelled more than two weeks before the due date and time of the customer’s cruise are partially refunded.  The amount paid back to the customer will be the amount they have paid for their cruise LESS the amount of the non-refundable deposit LESS any credit card fees charged as part of the transaction.

c) bookings cancelled less than two weeks before the date and time of the cruise the customer cancels will NOT receive any refund except in very specific circumstances.  A partial refund may only be paid to the customer for a cruise cancelled less than 14 days before the time and date it was booked for only IF the company is able to book another cruise for this same time and date.  The amount refunded to the customer will be the total amount the customer paid for their cruise, less their non-refundable deposit, less any credit card fees incurred, less any discounting of the original price the customer was going to pay for their cruise necessary to secure the replacement cruise booking.  The company commits to be entirely transparent with this information, so the customer can clearly see all of this information.



Transport Commercial Charter Vessel Code of Conduct

Our cruises comply fully with the Commercial Charter Vessel Code of Conduct for cruises in Western Australia, that has been jointly developed by Marine Tourism WA and the Department of Transport.  This Code outlines exactly what is required of cruise operators, crew and guests onboard a charter cruise.  We recommend all our customers have a look at the Code. Click here to view.